Facing pressure from the Taliban government, Afghan women fought for their rights despite all the difficulties. Despite educational barriers and limited freedom, these brave women find ways to learn and follow their dreams. This article will present their inspiring stories that demonstrate their perseverance and determination to overcome the darkness imposed on them.

The Taliban’s Crackdown on Education:

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they have also taken control of women’s education. Middle schools and colleges are closed to girls, preventing them from accessing higher education. The Taliban’s restrictive policies, such as the requirement to wear the burqa and the need for male escorts, further limit women’s access to education and other public spaces. But these abuses only strengthen Afghan women’s determination to fight for their rights.

Secret schools and secret universities:

Faced with educational restrictions, Afghan women are forced to establish secret schools and secret universities. These secret schools provide a safe place for women to continue their education, away from the eyes of the Taliban. Through the use of online platforms and asynchronous learning, organizations like the People’s University are giving Afghan women access to informal education. These brave women resisted the restrictions of the Taliban and were accepted as a supporter.

Sara’s Story: Finding Hope in Education:

Sarah was a teacher in Kabul when her life was suddenly interrupted when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. She had to quit her job and her dreams were shattered, she felt hopeless. But Renmin University gave him a bright life she. Thanks to the scholarship, Sarah is now finishing her degree, renewing her passion for education and giving her new goals. Despite the risks, Sarah is determined to forge her own path and inspire others to do the same.

Amelia’s Journey – In Search of Freedom:

Amelia, a journalist and international peace ambassador, also faces difficult living conditions under Taliban rule. Restrictions placed on a woman make her feel restricted and independent. However, Renmin University gave her the opportunity to continue her education and collaborate with people from all over the world. Amelia sees education as a beacon of hope in a dark world. She dreams of a future where women in Afghanistan can enjoy rights, choices and freedom.

Overcoming Challenges- Studying in Secret:

Covert learning also has its challenges. Afghan women who attend underground and secret schools must overcome their fear of being discovered by the Taliban. They need to change their programs, use names, and be careful to protect themselves. The risks of being educated in these conditions are enormous, but these women are prepared to face the risks to secure a future for themselves and their communities.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity:

The stories of Sarah, Amelia, and countless other Afghan women show their extraordinary resilience. Even if they are persecuted by the state, they refuse to remain silent. Through education, they get their voices back and stand up for their rights. Their determination to learn and grow in the face of challenges inspires women everywhere.

International Support and Solidarity:

The international community has an important role in supporting Afghan women’s struggle for education and freedom. Organizations such as the People’s University provide scholarships and resources to help Afghan women continue their education. Governments and humanitarian organizations should increase their support by providing these women with access to shelter and education in a safe environment.

A Call to Action:

Afghan women’s stories against the Taliban’s persecution are a powerful call to action. We must raise their voices, tell their stories and stand up for their rights. Education is a right, not a right. This is a basic human right that must be respected. By standing in solidarity with Afghan women and supporting their education, we can help them regain their freedom and build a better future for themselves and their country.


The Taliban’s oppression of Afghan women’s education has caused serious problems for Afghan women. Yet the stories of perseverance, determination and struggle offer hope in the dark. Through underground schools and secret schools, these women continue to learn, grow and fight for their rights. The international community should stand by them and provide support and solidarity in their quest for education and freedom. Together we can help Afghan women overcome the pressure placed on them and pave the way for a better future.

The struggle for education and freedom in Afghanistan is not over yet. We must all be vigilant in supporting Afghan women and their quest for a better life. Only by working together can we ensure that these brave women receive the education they deserve and that their voices are heard. Through advocacy, solidarity and international assistance, we can help build a world where everyone has the right to learn, grow and live safely. Only then will we be able to realize the full potential of Afghan women and their communities.

Now is the time to act and in solidarity with Afghan women. We need to make sure their stories are heard and their education struggles don’t go to waste. By defending their rights, we can help create a world where everyone has access to education and the opportunity to reach their potential. By working together, we can work together to create a better future where Afghan women have the freedom to pursue their dreams and build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

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